Academic credit system

The outgoing students at VITAE Sports College will leave with a learning or training agreement made prior to the exchange, validated by the International Relations Manager. The agreement is drawn up for a semester or a year and is signed by the host institution as the sending institution. Following the abroad experience, a Transcript of Records or a Internship Report will be completed which is designed to give full recognition of the students’ achievements throughout the semester/year.

Normally the workload, calculated in a Credit System, is 50 for one year and 25 for one semester. A one year programme at VITAE Sports College is equivalent to 1000 training hours, one semester is equivalent to 500 training hours. Credit points will be awarded at the end on successful completion of the course or the traineeship.

Once students receive a Transcript of Records or the Internship report from the host institution, the students can validate them at the home institution. This is done by the Credit System equivalence system or Hours equivalence system. Students will obtain full recognition for doing their study programme or internship abroad.