International Mobility

VITAE VET Sports College is a school with five different campuses across Spain. It delivers education through one programme with different specialties: entertainment and physical activity in sport, physical activity and sport in an urban environment.

The VITAE Sports College is currently developing a new mobility strategy which aims, over the next five years, to significantly increase the number of students engaged in mobility programs. It is hoped that eventually most of the students will be able to benefit from some sort of mobility experience whether that means going abroad for two months to a full year, undertaking a study programs or, possibly, working with institutions to develop his/her competences virtually.

Our main goal in internationalisation is to encourage every student to gain a global experience, which will help them develop intercultural competences and become stronger global citizens. Erasmus+ will be particularly welcomed by students and teaching staff, and it will be a key element in this new strategy, and will be one of the frameworks through which quality partnerships will be established and developed. The Internationalization process that we are involved now, aims for the highest quality of learning experiences as a core element of education of our institution. We will focus on the sustainable development of institutional relationships and strategic activities that will underpin VITAE Sports College international profile in the future.

Another main aim is the internationalisation at home, where incoming international students are valued and recognized for all of their contributions, including enriching institutional life and the educational experience of all students, creating opportunities for long-lasting professional partnerships and relationships that can be of national, international and global benefit.

To fulfill the goals of the internationalisation process, we are implementing a wide range of institutional goals and actions, including curriculum and program design; teaching and learning development; student, faculty and staff mobility; language education and training; research and innovation; projects and services; community outreach and local economic development.

During the upcoming years, it’s vital for VITAE Sports College to develop a well-structured network of international relationships and strive for an increased cooperation with strategic partners all around the world, especially in Europe. It’s important for VITAE Sports College to have quality cooperation with a limited number of strategic partners rather than have a large number of weak partnerships.

The establishment and renewal of partnerships will be overseen by the Internationalisation Unit and selection will be based on a comprehensive understanding of the potential partner researched by the applicant School/Faculty. This assessment will be based on the following criteria:

  • Academic match for our institution
  • Standards and reputation in teaching
  • Facilities and support services offered
  • Language of teaching and opportunities for language acquisition Attractiveness to staff and students
  • Size and number of students

For VITAE Sports College the EU is the most important geographic area for incoming and outgoing students, as well as teaching staff. Thus, for VITAE Sports College it’s vital to strengthen cooperation with European institutions, and make it a hub of the partnership network. Latin American countries will be our 2nd geographical focus due to the Spanish language, the reason for this is that our students level of English isn’t currently as the level we require, and we do not want language to be a limitation. While Spanish speaking countries would be one focus, opportunities would also be available in regions of the world with growing economies such as India and the Far-East.

VITAE Sports College will seek out strategic partnerships, which would lead to strong long-term relationships: a win-win situation for both parties. We will develop partnerships that can support internship and study abroad programmes, and staff exchange, as well as field trips and shorts visits.

In summary Erasmus+ will be the keystone of our VITAE Sports College strategy and will provide opportunities for mobility experiences both in Europe and beyond. This is seen as an essential element of equipping our students for their futures in a changing world, to move fluently between different cultural, social and political contexts and value the ability to communicate in more than one language.

The internationalisation programme will be led by the director of International Affairs. He is responsible for the implementation of the internationalisation strategy, as well as the agreements made between internships and study abroad programmes. The International Relations Manager (IRM) coordinates the five International Academic coordinators (IAC), one for each campus. The IRM is also responsible for the Learning Agreements and Trainee Agreements. The IAC (one for each campus) advises students on their internship or study abroad programme. The study abroad programme is promoted by the IAC in various ways: through the website, posters, e-mail and social media.

The new programme will offer a great many opportunities to VITAE Sports College to implement projects that will fulfill both the objectives of the College’s international policy and the European Commission. The implementation and organization of European and international cooperation at VITAE Sports College will have to be set out. This is set-up on a project based approach. The International Relations Office at VITAE Sports College will play a central role in this, meaning that IRO will promote/advise and offer possible projects to the staff of the College. We will provide staff with any assistance that they may need during the application process.

VITAE Sports College aims to focus on forming strategic partnerships, meaning long-term relationships with its partner institutions. This is to build a large network within Europe and overseas and bring education at VITAE Sports College to another level.

The VITAE Sports College strategy within this area aligns with the international strategy in so far as any cooperation projects should contribute to enhancing teaching and training opportunities. Staff and student mobility are core aspects of choosing which initiatives to pursue. These proposals are considered at a departmental level prior to being assessed by the International Relations office. In addition to our commitment to the Erasmus+ programme for enhancing quality in higher education through scholarship and cooperation within Europe, the international projects are based within the Internationalisation portfolio of our institution as a central resource for faculty and students.