Language policy

All the VITAE Sports College outgoing students will be given English courses, and all incoming students are encouraged to take a Spanish course during their experience abroad. This will be offered for free. The language level testing is based on the students’ own certificates or via the Online Linguistic Support (OLS) Assessment test from the European Union. This test shows the students’ level at the end of the procedure.

The institution will oversee an intensive Catalan and Spanish language course for incoming students. Students will be encouraged to follow a Spanish, Catalan as well as an English course for a semester or a year, depending on how long they stay. The intensive courses will be done during the orientation weeks of the school, this is at the beginning of their Erasmus period.

After the intensive course, students will be encouraged to follow Spanish/Catalan courses at their current level. Students who didn’t join the intensive course during the orientation week will also be able to join these classes. Classes will be divided into levelled groups (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 & C2). Additional support will be available for students who have problems with the Spanish / Catalan language.